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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before submitting an order?

Confirm the service documents are completed, correct, and stamped “filed” prior to uploading the entire packet for service. If serving civil commencing documents, you must include the requisite Alternative Dispute Resolution (”ADR”) Package for the corresponding jurisdiction to comply with the California Rules of Court - Rule 3.221. You must include any necessary blank response forms (for example, a Blank FL-320 form must accompany the completed FL-300 form). When placing your order, please include photos, known vehicles/plates, physical descriptions (age, height, weight, gender, ethnicity), gate codes for entry, and other helpful information on the individual/business. You should also notify us of any special service instructions or critical deadlines when placing your order.

What should I do while service is being attempted?

Keep an eye on your email inbox for service updates. After reading our service attempts, please advise if you happen to recall any additional details that may assist our process servers in confirming an address or accomplishing service. Note, emails from our automated system may be directed to your spam folder, if this happens please mark our emails as “Not Spam” in your email application.

What happens after the documents are served?

Upon completion, we will email you a signed proof of service PDF document within one or two business days. You are responsible for electronically filing this document within any deadlines imposed by the court. Additionally, we recommend you maintain copies of receipts for any work performed by SwiftlyServed, as fees may be recoverable from the opposing party. *Regarding out-of-state jurisdictions only, if you need a notarized return- an additional fee of $45 will apply.

What if I do not have an address for the defendant, or the one provided to SwiftlyServed is incorrect or outdated?

If we discover that the defendant has moved, or that the address provided is otherwise invalid, SwiftlyServed can conduct specialized research known as "skip tracing" to uncover new addresses (for an additional cost). In case such a situation arises, please call us at (949) 313-7030.

What if the the papers cannot be served by the date required by the court?

Please contact the court as soon as possible and request the hearing date be changed to accommodate the service of process. If you are involved in a small claims suit, and the claim has been served on some but not all the parties you are suing, you may have to request to postpone the trial by using the form SC-150. Contact us ASAP so that we may help you serve them in the new time-frame.

What does the bodycam assurance entail?

The body-cam asssurance applies only to successfully completed serves. On rare occasions, defendants may try to lie in court about having been served legal papers. In this unlikely instance, our HD video and audio recordings taken by bodycam are there to support you in a court of law, and to secure the validity of the process served. Recordings of process service will only be released at the direction of a formal administrative/judicial order or hearing.

How can I get a restraining order against someone?

The California Courts website provides a complete guide on the process of requesting a restraining order against an individual for domestic violence, civil harassment, and elder/dependent adult abuse.

What is the best way to contact SwiftlyServed?

The quickest way to get in touch with us is to call (949) 313-7030 or send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, click on "contact us" in the top right bar near the shopping cart.