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Skip Tracing & Stakeouts

Comprehensive Investigative Services to Connect the Dots

Skip Tracing:
Locate Addresses for Service

  • Pinpoint addresses for individuals anywhere in the USA
  • Determine agent location for service of both active and defunct businesses
  • Turnaround time for a report is usually under 48 hours
  • USPS Forwarding Address Search and USPS P.O. Boxholder Searches are also available for a separate fee
  • Coming Soon: irregular search tasks (e.g. determining a real name from an online username) via OSINT Linux Machine Scripts

Stakeout Services for Evasive Individuals and Business Entities

  • Provided a good address, stationary and mobile surveillance can be an invaluable tool to effect service on absconders within tight deadlines
  • Since it can be difficult to serve process while someone is hiding, stakeout services are used to locate the person and serve them entering or exiting a specific location
  • Service is bodycam video and audio recorded to eliminate any disputes as to whether service was effected

If you win a monetary judgment, any fees you incur for process serving, skip tracing, and stakeouts may be recoverable under California CCP § 1033.5(a)(4)(B).

If service is by a process server registered pursuant to Chapter 16 (commencing with Section 22350) of Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code, the recoverable cost is the amount actually incurred in effecting service, including, but not limited to, a stakeout or other means employed in locating the person to be served, unless those charges are successfully challenged by a party to the action.

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