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Locate USPS Forwarding Address & P.O. Boxholder Information
Locate USPS Forwarding Address & P.O. Boxholder Information

USPS Forwarding Address / P.O. Boxholder Search

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  • Locate address information in the United States Postal Service system:Useful when either an individual is known to have moved in the past 6 months, or if you only have a P.O. Box address for them
  • Electronic Forwarding Address Search (National):Performed via online database. Does not allow for possible consultation with the local mail carriers or postmasters. Cheapest option, allow turnaround time up to approximately 30 days.
  • Physical* Forwarding Address Search (Orange County only):Conducted in-person at the main USPS branch for the city where an individual is believed to have either recently lived or previously held a Post Office Box. Physical searches have the fastest turnaround time of 3-5 days and provide the most reliable results (recommended).
  • Physical* P.O. Boxholder Information Searches (Orange County only):Conducted in-person at the USPS location where an individual is believed to hold an active Post Office Box. This search returns the physical address provided to the post office, at the time the individual applied for and registered the box with Postal Service Form 1093.
  • IMPORTANT:*All physical searches require the legal documents intended for service to be physically present at the time of the inquiry. Without legal documents, the supervisor or postmaster will likely deny the release of any information.
  • The following mailboxes are not searchable:Privately rented mailboxes that are not located inside a USPS branch, as well as virtual office mailboxes- collectively known as commercial mail receiving agencies ("CMRAs").
  • DISCLAIMER:Searches are made in furtherance of service of legal process and limited to names of individuals. Names requested for search must be completely and correctly spelled, as any deviation in spelling may produce inaccurate results. Diligent searches may produce outdated or no new information. USPS employees, on rare occasion, may refuse to release any information despite all legal requirements fulfilled for the lawful release of the information requested.

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